Skyla - A Ghost Virus Novel
Book 1

The world as we know it doesn’t exist anymore.  Humanity has retreated to the skies after almost being obliterated by the deadly Ghost Virus.  Man-made islands floating in the troposphere house those that survived.  The System, a new form of government, now controls and regulates everyone’s lives in an effort to preserve the human race. 

Skyla Deep is not your average orphan in this sky born world; abused, neglected and in need of something the System doesn’t offer…freedom.  Desperate to live instead of merely exist, Skyla runs away.  She aligns herself with one of the notorious sects who control the outer edges of the islands.  There’s just one problem.  On an island this small you can only run from the System for so long.

As events escalate, Skyla will come to question all that she’s been taught to believe.  She’s always felt the System isn’t what it claims to be, but wonders just how deep their treachery runs?  And with the Ghost Virus making a reappearance on the islands, will humanity survive?

Metamorphosis - A Ghost Virus Novel
Book 2

Skyla’s been banished from Atrium, thrown into the Nothing…or at least that’s what she thought.  Unfortunately, the System has other plans for her.  Now, thanks to Jey, they’re on another island, one where they’re target practice. 

The island itself is a trap, complete with an ever changing landscape and deadly creatures.  With Sips hunting them, and only seventy-two hours to survive, Skyla and Jey will need every advantage to make it out alive. 

Battles will be fought, trust will be tested and secrets will be revealed.  In the end, they’ll be lucky if they make it to their final destination – the Nothing.

Book Cover Sting.jpg

Sting - A Ghost Virus Novel

Book 3

Life hasn’t been the same since Skyla fled to the Nothing. She’s discovered family, friends, and the Resistance—an underground base whose entire existence is to ensure the downfall of the System. And while she’s willing to help them out, she can’t help but feel her presence is making it more dangerous for everyone around her.

The System is sending deadly messages. They know where Skyla is. They know her blood holds the key to curing the Ghost Virus. And they aren’t going to let her go without a fight.

As things escalate, Skyla takes matters into her own hands. Her future and past collide as she makes the ultimate sacrifice, landing herself right back in the System’s hands.

Can she survive another round in Atrium? Or will the System finally break her? And if they do, what does it mean for the Resistance?