A. E. Field spent her childhood nestled in the mountains of Virginia, daydreaming and taking her barbies on epic adventures. In her high school and college years, she decided to take some adventures of her own, traveling to over six countries in a matter of a few years. Now, she resides in northwestern Illinois and her adventures are those of family, life, and the stories in her head.

When A. E. Field isn't writing, she loves to read, spend time with her hubby and kiddos, and paint. Her writing buddies keep her laughing loudly and often and always giver her excellent advice. Her favorite things include hoodies, homemade meals, rainy days, and lots of chocolate and scones.

Mrs. Field loves a good dystopian novel. She also has a fetish for swords, action, and a little splash of romance. She’s a sucker for an unpredictable twist and absolutely goes to midnight releases like a star struck fan! Whether a movie, a play, a book, or even a spoken tale, there’s nothing like a good story.